Your Contribution in Action

Simply put, T-REX is in demand. We have a waiting list for space and we have simply outgrown our current office availability. Turning away young companies seeking to locate in downtown St. Louis completely defeats our mission. Your gift will turn 80,000 sq. feet of filled-to-the-brim space into 130,000 sq. feet we can offer startups who just need that extra few months of low-cost rent.

Deploying additional space within our current facility will allow us to generate more revenue for our growing organization, offer long-term sustainability and growth for T-REX in downtown, increase national exposure as more young companies become successful—all while continuing to keep our services cost-effective for young entrepreneurs.

Invest in STL

The EVOLVE Campaign is estimated to result in:
Additional jobs created over a five-year period
Additional labor income over a five-year period
Additional economic output over a five-year period

Hear from our EVOLVE Campaign Co-Chair:

Abby Cohen

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Sparo Labs
T-REX EVOLVE Campaign Co-Chair