We're on a Mission

We're on a Mission

When it comes to startup talent in St. Louis, our cup overfloweth. Ideas of all shapes, sizes and colors have cinched our place as one of the top startup cities in America. And T-REX is at the heart of that momentum.


A People Accelerator

The laws of thermodynamics say energy is never lost, but transferred. In our building, energy moves between people. Seemingly disparate business brains bump into each other at the coffee maker or while scheming at our bar. The energy sparked there redirects to our in-house Entrepreneur Support Organizations. And later, when national business journals are singing one of those startups’ praises, that energy comes full-circle—back to make downtown St. Louis that much brighter.

Far from your everyday tech incubator, T-REX is an innovation center open to those who wish to coexist with St. Louis’ most daring.

Partnering with schools and nurturing diversity, here, there is no wrong age or culture. Whether you’re a freelancer, holding an event or QA-ing an app, prepare to set your thoughts free in an open-office setting and see how they might transform.

Our Community Consists of:
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Hear from one of our Success Stories:

Jake Hollander

Founder & Executive Director, St. Louis Strong
T-REX Civic Startup