The Perks
of Coexisting

The Perks
of Coexisting

They may have puny arms, but T-REXers know how to reach out for help. There's a whole world of resources, just a couch and a coffee away.


Our member diversity is built on principles of collaboration and inclusivity.

Our community cares organically. And our state-of-the-art 18,000 square foot Innovation Conference Center, event space, programming that supports the startup entrepreneur, non-competitive work environment, extensive networking opportunities, happy hours, ping pong tournaments and general good vibes all come courtesy of the dinosaur. Oh! Don’t forget to bring your dog.

Giving Back. Moving Onward.

We have a clear-cut path to success. We’re building the future of St. Louis—connecting talent, resources and expertise—all within an inclusive and diverse community. As a nonprofit, we do it because we’re driven to redefine our great city from the inside out. In fact, we were founded by the economic development leadership of St. Louis. We aren’t a real estate play—we want people to leave. It means they’ve succeeded. It means they’ll task their own business with revitalizing downtown St. Louis. And it makes our community that much stronger.

Our Community Consists Of:
Minority-run startups
Woman-run startups
Hours of events annually
Individual members

Hear from one of our Success Stories:

Divyesh Panchal

T-REX Startup Company